About Vassiliki

Vassiliki Theodorakidi-Mamona, awarded artist with international activity and director of Thyreos Vassiliki Art and Jewellery House, specializes in exquisite totally hand-crafted art jewellery creations of innova­tive design. She draws her inspiration by the legacy of the past and brings it to the present, following an artistic quest. In her exhibitions, she does not simply showcase her work, she creates performative events, a composition of different art forms, including sculptures, holographic projections, music, acting etc.


Thyreos is the emblem of Vassiliki, which derives from the original coat of arms of her family. The origins of the Byzantine family of Vassiliki, one of the noble families of Greece reach back to the 13th century AD (1248AD). Mamonas family was keeping strong relations with the East during the Byzantine period, by holding the monopoly of gold and silk of that era.