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“Jewellery, as a form of micro sculpting, is a very special and unique artistic approach, perhaps more than any other art form; it is the only one to succeed being identified with its recipient. Many deal with jewellery as a soulless object and value it only as pure asset. Personally, I am unwilling to accept this approach because jewellery for me is a self-existing form of art, bearing messages and symbolisms matching the personality of its owner. My jewellery has besides its artistic meaning also historical reference, which operates solely as an additional element of its artistic temperament; at the same time all creations exude a highly contemporary character ready to listen to the special aesthetic needs of today.”


Jewellery as Art

By using History and Mythology as her inspiration, and as a mean to tell a story, she manages to transform what is perceived as a “soulless object” into an art piece, while contributing to understanding and treating “Jewellery as Art”. Read More


History as Art

Vassiliki uses her historical and mythological cultural background as a reason for her to create, her so called ideology of “History as Art”.  She revisits History along with its narratives, ideas and symbols, as a mean of inspiration. Read More


Vassiliki's Achievements

Vassiliki’s jewellery has been distinguished and awarded multiple times. She counts numerous exhibitions worldwide (New York, Las Vegas, Havana, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.) which are often presented in ancient theaters, art houses and appropriate formed spaces as Works of Synthesis of the Arts, with the participation of significant figures of the arts, the academia, politics and religion. 

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Vassiliki Theodorakidi-Mamona, awarded artist with international activity and director of Thyreos Vassiliki Art and Jewellery House, specializes in exquisite totally hand-crafted art jewellery creations of innova¬tive design. She draws her inspiration by the legacy of the past and brings it to the present, following an artistic quest.
Vassiliki’s vision aims for a composition of artforms. In her exhibitions, she does not simply showcase her work, she creates performative events, including sculptures, holographic projections, music, acting etc. This way, she manages to compile stories and emotions, through a result where the sum is greater than its individual parts. This is based on the philosophy of “Gesamtkunstwerk” (unified work of art) through which the visual and formative arts, speech and legend form an inseparable entity.
Vassiliki’s aims for a sharing of narratives using a plethora of different means. By diving into the past, Vassiliki rediscovers Ancient Civilizations and their interactions, and with a particular interest in Greek Culture she manages to make long-lost stories, ideas, symbols and figures to be reborn in the form of jewellery.
Thyreos is the emblem of Vassiliki, which derives from the original coat of arms of her family. The origins of the Byzantine family of Vassiliki, one of the noble families of Greece reach back to the 13th century AD (1248AD). The Mamona family was keeping strong relations with the East during the Byzantine period, by holding the monopoly of gold and silk of that era.

Vassiliki Theodorakidi-Mamona

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